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TEDxWarwick: Creativity Within Crisis

TEDxWarwick are proud to present our 12th conference: Creativity Within Crisis. On the 29th of February, join us in the Warwick Art Centre to attend the largest student-led conference in Europe.

Sometimes it feels as if we are living in a world that is teetering on the edge.

We are on the precipice of a new decade, and challenge and change are rife in society. Political systems around the world are failing to serve their people. We are riding the wave of a fourth industrial revolution amidst a backdrop of perpetual racial and gendered violence. Meanwhile, recent IPCC reports declared that our planet has just twelve years to resolve the causes of climate change before Earth is no longer able to sustain human life. Understandably, anxieties concerning the welfare of our planet feel as if they are at an all-time high.

What is the answer? Creativity. Innovation. Creation. The crises shaping our society have served to spur on so many young and impassioned individuals to seek a solution and encourage change in so many aspects of life. TEDxWarwick believes that it is this creative resolve and dedicated perseverance in the face of adversity that will aid humanity as we enter a fraught new decade.

Creativity, and the results it inspires, will be the ultimate decider in whether our future thrives, or falls apart at the seams. Tick, tick, tick…

Past Events


In the ever-changing and fast paced world in which we live, we don’t often get time to consider the direction we’re going in: what does the blueprint of our future look like?

TEDxWarwick: Blueprints


Fear. It’s not your favourite word, is it? Those four little letters conjure up a different response in all of us. Perhaps they illicit a childhood memory you’ve tried too hard to shake. Perhaps it’s the fear of speaking out that you’re fighting to overcome. Or maybe you’re undergoing an ongoing battle with fear and anxiety right now.

TEDxWarwick: Fear


We at university often find ourselves at a similar crossroads with the need to make a decision about our future: what job do we want? What kind of person do we want to be? What do we see for our future?

TEDxWarwick: Reinvention


TEDxWarwick will be hosting the minds behind 3D printing bones, flying taxis and electric airplanes, the biggest cyber security company in the world, the biggest portfolio of social medias in the world (Apple, Nike, Amazon, …). But also, an EMMY award movie director, the foremost space lawyer, a serial entrepreneur, a crypto currency creator, the chairman of Slowfood UK, and much more…

TEDxWarwick: Architects of Tomorrow

We all have moments when we lose track of our identity. We forget about our goals, disconnect from our roots, send our priorities into disarray; experiences tumble out of our hands and out of control, and we learn nothing from them.

2018 Events

TEDxWarwick: Thinking in Green

How can the design of a desk or lampshade change the way we work?
Can we design a language that can be understood by every human on the planet?
Should our democracies be redesigned to return back to their true purpose?


TEDxWarwick:  By Design


The United Nations tells us we have 12 years left until climate change becomes irreversible. Climate change awareness is gaining traction as researchers and activists fight for recognition of the urgent need for concerted global action.

TEDxWarwick: Dare to Defy

Defiance. Refusing to obey. Striding into the unknown. In today’s society, we face a plethora of expectations, stereotypes, and standards which impede the development of our individuality. But what if we rejected these externally imposed conditions? What if we defied societal standards? What if we chose to live free of expectations?


TEDxWarwick: In focus